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Vacancy Rewards knows many people out there are hoping to get out of the cold for a few sunshine-filled days during their winter vacation. Start booking now because tourists have gone stir-crazy from lockdowns and want to travel and feel the freedom to do whatever they want.

Vacancy Rewards is your leader in vacation fulfillment and so much more. With over two decades in the industry when traveling with Vacancy Rewards, you are in good hands.

Nothing is worse than waking up to continuous cold weather and snow when all you are missing is the sunshine. But as far as this year’s winter trip is concerned, Vacancy Rewards has got you covered with an excellent recommendation for fun in the sun.

Vacancy Rewards Reveals Best Beaches in Mazatlán (2)

Head down to Mexico to enjoy one of the many beaches in the country, particularly Mazatlán, home to some of the best beaches in the world. Here are some of our favorites to spend time at.

Surfer’s Paradise:

For all those in love with the famous sport, there are quite a few beaches in the area home to great waves. Vacancy Rewards reveals that Playa Olas Altas translates into the beach of the big waves, so come here for the best surf.


Sunset At The Beach


For all those hoping to get away from the crowds and enjoy some quality alone time, one of the less-visited but still famous beaches near Mazatlán is Playa Norte. This clean beach area is home to some of the Vacancy Rewards’ top restaurant choices, especially fresh seafood. Invite your loved one to dine on shrimp, lobster, and more for a romantic dinner.


Playa Los Pinos has located nearby Fisherman’s monument, and this spot is excellent for many reasons. Whether beginning surfers are hoping to start with the more minor stuff, swimmers might be intimidated by tall waves, or just those who want to lounge on the beach and relax. You can also wade out in the water, cast a line, and fish—you might catch something good!

Vacancy Rewards Reviews Must See Places in Mexico

Vacancy Rewards knows no matter what beach you visit in Mexico. You won’t be disappointed.

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