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Vacancy Rewards Cancun, the Jewel of Mexico, can be your holiday destination in 2022 if you want to escape to a relaxing tropical paradise. Vacancy Rewards offers visitors fantastic locations in beautiful Cancun, the land where beaches, jungle, cenotes, and the Caribbean sea all meet. Cancun offers all the components to make almost any vacation dream a reality.

It is a holiday destination that is a blend of natural, cultural, and human-made attractions that keep the wandering traveler entranced and many visitors returning year after year.

Cancun, framed by the emerald and turquoise water of the Caribbean, is also surrounded lush green jungle of Quintana Roo. The central city of Cancun is a booming area that is popular for dining and world-class shopping.

Cancun aerial view


Simultaneously, the ecological reserve of Cancun is a haven for nature lovers, with an extensive collection of Mangroves and beautiful Lagoons. Also, more adventurous travelers can explore the many cenotes in the area connected by a pathway of underground rivers.

Vacancy Rewards suggests that if you are looking for a cultural experience, you can easily plan a day trip within 2-3 hours from Cancun and travel to one of the nearby ruins.

As UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza and Tulum are both archeological wonders. Located about 2 hours south of Cancun, Tulum is a quaint seaside town that offers visitors several bars, restaurants, and hotels.

It is home to stunning beaches and a rugged coastline, but the real draw is the main temple and other ruins that sit directly on the coast. Vacancy Rewards members rave about Cancun’s miles of lovely beaches, and the drive to Tulum offers many vistas for photo opportunities.

Chichen Itza by Vacancy rewards

Vacancy Rewards

Visiting the pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza is an entirely different experience from Tulum, primarily because it is situated in the lush jungle. Many of the ruins here are more complete, so visitors can easily understand a broader picture of the Mayan culture.

Also, there are knowledgeable guides who can answer questions and explain the ongoing restoration projects. By exploring the Mayan culture and its contributions, visitors will appreciate this area’s historical impact for centuries.

Vacancy Rewards members rave about Cancun’s miles of lovely beaches, and the drive to Tulum offers many vistas for photo opportunities.

The seemingly endless supply of luxury accommodations and the perfect party atmosphere help keep Cancun a popular international vacation destination for 2022. The wonderful thing about a diverse destination such as Cancun is it truly has something for everyone.

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