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Vacancy Rewards members say that magical Guatemala is bound to attract wandering tourists with its Mayan ruins, rugged mountains, and multitudes of tourist attractions. Travelers can’t resist this magical destination as new challenges and surprise awaits them at every corner. You can enjoy Guatemala’s Mayan heritage as it is spread all over the area and the remote archeological site of El Petén’s, which will help you travel to Guatemala’s past. The Pipil culture is mystifying with its intense craved stone heads and real-life scenes depicted in Guatemala’s plantations.

Vacancy Rewards recommends its members discover the wonders of beautiful Guatemala on foot if they can.

Hike on ancient Mayan trading routes across impressive rivers and over the Mountain Passes to feel the connection with the country’s relationship to nature. You can even experience the locals’ warmth and friendliness while hiking along the spectacular ridges. Here you can easily view its nine beautiful volcanoes by taking the time to glance all around yourself.

Or, if hiking is not your strong suit, you may choose to enjoy a biking tour through its glorious mountains, volcanoes, and rainforest. Either way is excellent for absorbing its lakes’ spectacular view and viewing its colorful villages’ natural beauty. Through your hiking or biking trip, you can surely get in touch with Guatemala’s authentic culture and spirit.

Beautiful volcanoes landscapes in Guatemala, Central America with Vacancy Reawrds

Vacancy Rewards recommends visiting Guatemala, the Eternal Spring country, rich in birdlife, as its environment and surroundings are the perfect breeding grounds for the different bird species. Hummingbirds, Highland Guans, Wood Peckers, and many others are prevalent in this area. You name it, and you sure can find many exotic birds here in their natural surroundings that can be difficult to find in other places in the world today.

Vacancy Rewards members say that the adventure tours of Guatemala are fit for active tourists. These members wish to see the highlights of the area where the options are simply endless and bring you in touch with Guatemala’s true beauty and culture. There are few better places to visit that will afford the eco-tourist as many options to get close and personal with some of the most fragile eco-systems in the world.

Vacancy Rewards encourages cultural heritage preservation by not trying to alter but simply appreciating tourist and archaeological sites. Their members understand that this is how they can play their part to help make our planet a green and sustainable place to live. Vacancy Rewards is happy to assist members by offering them the thrill and adventures of Guatemala with the pleasing experience of all-inclusive luxury resorts all within your budget.

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